The First Blog (not ever, just me…on this blogospherical thing)

I have been resisting the urge to start a blog (urge is the wrong word; “peer pressure” from fellow online writers is what I’m looking for).  So here it is.

It looks like it could be fun, so I’m excited.

My question is, though, and it’s a question I’m sure most writers ask themselves and others: would you (the reader) prefer to read the blogs of authors — top-of-the-head-thoughts dispersed daily, weekly, or with moderate frequency — or read less frequent, but arguably more substantial, output like short stories, novellas, memoirs and novels?  Ideally, I’m sure both would be…well, ideal.  I suppose it’s just a question of time and its management.

So…stay tuned!  There is more, or less, to come!


What are your thoughts?