DON’T LOOK BACK: Television Premiere


My latest film, “Don’t Look Back,” will be premiering nationwide on LMN (Lifetime Movie Network), Sunday, October 5th at 8:00pm (with repeat airings to follow):

I encourage you to tune in! I will be live-tweeting during the broadcast…and I encourage you to join me (@WDFilmmaker) on Twitter using #DontLookBack:

The film is also available RIGHT NOW online through these platforms:

Amazon Instant Video:
Google Play:
Vimeo On Demand:

If you haven’t seen the trailer, you can watch it here:

Nora Clark is a children’s book writer whose life is at a crossroads. After moving back into the house she inherited from her grandmother, Nora comes to grips with the traumatic memories from her childhood, and takes in an inquisitive, seductive new roommate, Peyton, who is not entirely whom she appears to be. Lucy Griffiths (TRUE BLOOD) and Cassidy Freeman (LONGMIRE) star alongside Tyler Jacob Moore (SHAMELESS), Roddy Piper (THEY LIVE) and Emmy Award Nominee Kate Burton (SCANDAL).

Here are some recent quotes from the press:

“‘Don’t Look Back’ plays on elevating levels of the human mind, and takes the psychological thriller to a sharp peak.” – Movie Pilot

“This is Roddy Piper’s best performance since ‘They Live!'” – Film Pulse

“The moody acumen ‘Don’t Look Back’ generates almost bristles with a sense of auteur bravado.” – Paste Magazine.

Please watch and help spread the word! #DontLookBack


  1. Itisha Franklin says

    I really loved this movie, I’m normally good in predicting the catch but this one caught me off guard. Extravagant intensity! Encore of an ending! 🙂

  2. I didn’t get this movie I was so confused help!

  3. Okay so I saw the link. Was Nora imagining Peyton all along? Nora was the one that was actually doing everything? Cause when she went on the date with him she had her hair up just like Peyton

  4. Ok, so if Nora is imagining Peyton all along what is the thing at the end with Peyton at camp with young Nora. I think ok Nora could still be imagining Peyton but then there is the pic with Peyton and young Nora. So is Peyton real? Is she the abuser?

  5. Even after watching the movie twice and reading the clues… I’m still confused!

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