Book Trailers

I’ve written & directed a few book trailers over the years, one of which was the successful preview for “The Four Fingers of Death” by Rick Moody.

So I figured, hell I got the filmic resources (and God knows the time…us filmmakers in Los Angeles often find ourselves with a surplus of time at our fingertips) I might as well shoot some stuff to promote my book.

I’ve shot three trailers for “No Alternative;” I guess you could say they’re trailers.  “Book Trailers” are a funny thing, and by funny I mean just plain odd.  A book trailer is a piece of filmed entertainment promoting something that is not filmed entertainment; something that, in many ways, is the antithesis of filmed entertainment.  An actual movie trailer is a montage of “moments” from the film used as an advertisement for that film.  Conversely, a book trailer is created from nothing but the imagination of the person creating it; in most cases, a vision that arises from his/her interpretation of the book.

That’s how I made “Four Fingers.”  If it ever gets made into a movie, I wonder if the director of the adaptation will look back upon this book trailer for inspiration — perhaps he might use it to guide his/her casting decisions for the film — perhaps he might cast the actors from it?

All of this is unlikely.

This is just to say, I didn’t bother casting any actors, rewriting and otherwise reinterpreting the story of “No Alternative” to facilitate the making of a trailer.  I just listed a bunch of shit that had to do with the 90’s, the era in which “No Alternative” takes place.

I also shot a rap video and edited some home-movie footage of the “Kurt Cobain Bridge” in Aberdeen, Washington, as other promos (or “trailers”) for the book.

I think they’re interesting, amusing, and maybe…thought-provoking?  Not sure about the latter, but I had fun making them; and besides, if I started shooting scenes from the book…well I should probably keep shooting them and make the whole darned movie!

What are your thoughts?