I played in a band for a really long time.  In fact, I like to think that I’ve never stopped playing in that band.  The band was called Guy Smiley, and in later years, Latterday Saints.  I was, and continue to be when I’m back in New York, the drummer for the band.  Unfortunately, though, my current living situation in Los Angeles does not allow for a drum kit to be a part of my daily life.  For the time being, my rather substantial set of drums sits unused in my parents’ basement on the East Coast.

I started playing guitar before I started playing the drums, but I was always a much better drummer.  I was meant to be a drummer.  However, I’ve been gravitating back to the guitar in recent years because of the instrument’s uncanny ability to disappear into a closet when I have to free up space in the living room.  I bought a new amp, a Fender Excelsior, dug up my old stomp boxes from the early 90’s grunge movement and once again indulged my love of distortion via the power chord.  The blanket of noise, however moderate, was once again a comfort to me.  Though, as comfortable as it was, the more I wrapped myself inside of it, the more I felt the essential stitching was missing.  I needed percussion, and percussion was, and is, my thing, so I began the search for minimalist, yet unique, percussive instruments that I could play and store in a small space.  I’ve recently procured a Korg Wavedrum, a Folktek Drum Scape and a Pocket Piano from Critter & Guitari, because why the heck not?  I’m also saving up for a Swarmatron.

I got a little Mackie Mixer and into my Mac it all goes.  The only thing missing: vocals.  And if you’re one of the select few on this planet whose ears have witnessed my attempt at singing, you know I will not be gracing the rest of the world with that skill.

I thought to myself: I made a minimalist movie, I rent a minimalist apartment, I own a minimalist dog, so why not form a minimalist band with my wife – the person who I share my minimalist apartment with.  I thought this was a terrific idea, since she happens to be a wonderful singer.  My wife is a trained songstress, having studied musical theater in college, so the ethos behind 9068dash39 is to build a harmonious skeleton on which to buttress her vocals.

We will be embarking on deconstructions of cover songs that we like.  The first of our sonic experiments is “Hyperballad” by Bjork.

Please check it out and download it on SoundCloud…and keep an ear out for future works!

What are your thoughts?