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Viral Videos, Contagious Videos, HazMat Suit Required To Sit At Computer And Watch Videos

After the positive response I got from my blog on book trailers, I thought I’d go back and review some other straight-to-internet material I made in recent years. I’m somewhat of an aficionado on “Viral Videos;” I’ve been hired to make them, as vehicles to diagonally promote books, movies, television, etcetera, and I’ve made many […]

Book Trailers

I’ve written & directed a few book trailers over the years, one of which was the successful preview for “The Four Fingers of Death” by Rick Moody. So I figured, hell I got the filmic resources (and God knows the time…us filmmakers in Los Angeles often find ourselves with a surplus of time at our […]

The First Blog (not ever, just me…on this blogospherical thing)

I have been resisting the urge to start a blog (urge is the wrong word; “peer pressure” from fellow online writers is what I’m looking for).  So here it is. It looks like it could be fun, so I’m excited. My question is, though, and it’s a question I’m sure most writers ask themselves and […]