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“NO ALTERNATIVE” is going on TOUR and we need FANS, GROUPIES and BAND-AIDS!

No Alternative Tour by The Finishing Fairies

No Alternative Tour by The Finishing Fairies

It is perhaps fitting that a book about aspiring musicians is going on tour.

I have been tasked to write a succession of blogs that will appear daily on a variety of cool sites over the course of the next two weeks.  I’ve written blogs in the past, but this experience has pushed my blogging into high gear.  In an effort to spread the word about my book, “No Alternative,” and to continue spreading the word about my movie, DETOUR, my words and I will be hopping from one virtual stage to the next, and the result will, hopefully, blow your mind. I will be writing about the movie, the book, the music and musicians that inspire me, along with more esoteric things like cruise ships, tattoos, and a particular bridge in Aberdeen, Washington.

Like those explosive t-shirt cannons you find yourself in the line of fire of at music festivals, our tour will also be loaded with giveaways.  Sign up on “Rafflecopter” for a chance to win the following items:

  • 3 Signed Paperback Copies, and 3 eBook (Kindle) Versions, of “No Alternative”
  • 3 DETOUR Posters, signed by the Writer/Director, William Dickerson, and the film’s two stars, Neil Hopkins (LOST) and Brea Grant (HEROES)
  • 10 Rare DVD Copies of William Dickerson’s Award-Winning Short Film, SHADOWBOX, starring Neil Hopkins, Lance Guest (THE LAST STARFIGHTER) and Kelly Carlson (NIP/TUCK)
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • 1 Year of FREE Premium Blog Hosting at “Hosting For Writers”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Do You Have What It Takes To Survive?

As I was writing DETOUR, I often asked myself: “What is the worst way to die?”


As you might have gathered from watching the movie, my greatest fear is being buried alive. It’s a universal fear, that much is clear, and my intention in making the movie was to tap into it. It was also a cathartic experience to be able to confront, and subsequently circumvent, this fear in the writing process by making our character think on his feet, figure out inventive ways to survive and deal with the situation at hand.

How would you deal with a disaster if one were to befall you?

If you haven’t seen DETOUR, check it out and put yourself in the character’s shoes. It’s available on iTunes now:

Here is a more direct link:

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